Music On Hold

Time to be a DJ.

Whether you need to make the final selections for your audio production, or you just want to get some ideas for how your brand could sound, welcome to Keep Holding’s very own voice and music mixer.

Try combining a voiceover from the left with a music track from the right. You’ll be able to hear just how different your brand could sound with, for example, Fran and Orchestral 05 versus Alex and Midtempo 02.

(scroll through options)

Although the voiceovers featured are some of the most popular in the business (you may even recognise some of them), we can easily find you other accents, languages and styles – just let us know what you’re after and we’ll get you some options.

So have fun mixing around with different options and getting an idea for how good we can make you sound. Afterall everyone’s got a bit of DJ in them. Erm, okay that didn’t sound quite right…