Keep Holding's history

If our story was a movie. Which it isn’t.

A long time ago, in a studio far far away…

… It was 2006 and the Music On Hold market was dominated by a few evil giants, hell bent on generating huge profits by forcing clients into expensive annual contracts.

A brave young producer called James (not so young now) had already been working in the radio and audio production industry since 1995, viewed the monopolised industry with pitiful eyes.

Knowing first hand that the process of creating professional audio wasn’t that difficult or costly, he decided it was time to help liberate those oppressed by the Dark side. Guided by the light and a sense of what’s right, James joined Force(s) with a team of like-minded and experienced audio professionals to start a war that would rock the industry to it’s foundations.

(Oooo, doesn’t this give you goosebumps! No? Okay, just us).

So in 2006 Keep Holding was formed and now, all those years later, continues to grow from strength to strength. These days a few overly expensive companies still remain, operating in the dark side of the industry, but we’re pleased their influence continues to diminish and clients now know a better option is available to them.

Okay enough of the Star Wars analogy.
Keep Holding in 2006

The old website. As mobile responsive as an Ewok with a limp.

Since 2006 Keep Holding has continued to evolve with a brand new website, industry leading audio solutions and customer service that would give Darth Vader a run for his money (last reference, promise).

If you know someone still gripped by overly inflated annual contracts, please guide them towards the light and send them our way!